Mold Cleaning Agent (Coating Surface Finish)


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Size : 20 Liter

- Low Odor Formula

- using in room temperature, saving time and electricity 

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On the rust and dirty mold surface, often encounter the rust remove problem. Use CP-50 by directly spray on the mold surface which has room temperature and then wait it around 1-10 minutes (depend on situation of the mold some may take up to hours) for chemical reaction. Brush with soft brusher then rinse with water to remove the cleaner


Keep out of reach of children FIRST AID Inhalation: Move victim to fresh air and provide oxygen if difficulty in breathing, ad if still fell unwell, seek medical assistance, Skin contact: immediately wash with plenty of water for least 15 minutes. Eye contact: immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Swallowed: Drink amounts of water to dilute the chemical in stomach, send to hospital immediately. Note to physicians: consider to provide oxygen to victim in case of inhalation.